Global Patent Trends in Biologics Innovation

European Patent Attorney
Head of IP and Standards Content
Clarivate Analytics

Advancements in biotechnology have made the large-scale development of biological drugs easier and more cost-effective to develop. While chemical based drugs remain most prevalent, the total share of biologic drugs has increased significantly in recent years, representing more than 25% of the pharmaceutical market and more growth is expected with annual revenue to reach US$ 727 billion by 2025.

What do these growing trends mean for the industry at large? As a patent or research professional, you’re invited to hear Dr. Rose Hughes, European Patent Attorney at AstraZeneca, and Dr. Caroline Peel, Head of IP and Standards Content at Clarivate Analytics, discuss the trends shaping the biosequence technology landscape.

We will be covering the following topics:

  • Leading technology areas in biosequence patents
  • Acquiring Innovation: building versus buying
  • Biotechnology hot spots around the globe
  • An analysis of global patent activity as a predictor for biologics growth