Derwent SequenceBase Learning

Enhance your knowledge and become an expert on Biotech Patents and Sequence searching by learning more about Derwent SequenceBase via Derwent research guides, and live online training.

Search, analysis, and reporting tools designed specifically for sequence searching.

Derwent SequenceBase is a web-based technology platform and an essential resource for anyone doing work in biologics searching for sequence information in global patents. Intuitively built to efficiently search and analyze sequences, users can search with confidence with access to the most comprehensive set of patent sequence data.

With Derwent SequenceBase, biological scientists can spend less time searching for sequence data and more time on research and development, and IP professionals can be sure they don’t miss any potential infringements or competitor activities.

  • Search confidently with comprehensive coverage of biologic sequences in patents from around the world: GENESEQ, USGENE, WOGENE and GENBANK
  • Increase the relevancy and focus of search results with filtering tools
  • Quickly analyze references with enriched sequence data annotated to help you find context fast
  • Expedite your search processes by accessing the most comprehensive data sets in a single database
  • Easily share results and collaborate with clients and stakeholders