Legal Status Monitoring - Watched Record Enhancements

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Legal Status Monitoring

Option 1: Generate a result set or open an existing Work File, then select the documents you are interested to watch and click on Watch records function at the bottom of the page.

Watched records allow you to watch one or more records for changes. Derwent Innovation watch the record(s) for you and notify you about what changed. When the record you are watching changes, you will be notified via email. Any additional users, groups, or individuals you specify will also receive the notification.

Option 2: You can also set a watch for a record from any record view

Click on Watch record and Watch record for changes will open as a window



Once Watch records window is opened, first select the standard patent events that can be watched for changes, then go to Legal code groups. A new window will appear with a list of 8 events. Trigger events are the update occurrences that Derwent Innovation can watch for and notify you about.

  • Extension/Adjustment: notifies for Legal Status events corresponding to changes of term of a patent
  • Opposition/Examination: Notifies for Legal Status events corresponding to opposition or examination of a patent
  • Change of classification: Notifies for Legal Status events corresponding to Change of Classification
  • Lapse/Expiry: Notifies for Legal Status events corresponding to termination of a patent
  • Withdrawal/Abandonment: Notifies for Legal Status events corresponding to application/pre-grant withdrawals or abandonments
  • Correction: Notifies for Legal Status events corresponding to official corrections
  • New owner: Notifies for Legal Status events corresponding to ownership changes of a patent
  • Other: Notifies for any Legal Status events occur that do not correspond to any of the other Clarivate-defined Legal Status GroupOnce Watch records alert is saved, you will receive notifications when changes occur in any of several patent fields that have been selected.

The monitored documents will be kept automatically as a saved work items and easily accessible for record management.

Click on Watch record tab:

View Watch records

A window will open with the list of all records currently monitored. Each watched document can be managed, selected and viewed. Annotation can be entered, and attachment can be uploaded:


Annotation and/or attachment for items:

Edit watched record

Each record can be edited if any change must be made during the active period or the alert. Saved work item can be also easily deleted just clicking the cross:

Activity Feeds:

New activity fields is a saved work and allow you to see live changes as they happen, so you can keep an eye on items and on the events that the legal status monitoring is configured to trigger on.

A new eye icon representing active Watch records/Legal Status Monitoring can be displayed in the result set as a column. Go to Manage columns, Select the fields that you need to display for your search results, this new field is called “Watch” and choose on the right window the order for those fields in the table.

Choose as many fields as you want to display on your results and now, watch records is available and can be selected. The Selected Fields box on the right lets you choose the order in which your chosen fields display and Watch records field can be moved wherever it is adapted to your need.

Watch indicator

Once new preferences are applied in manage columns, the watch column will show an icon with an eye. This is an indicator that a record is being watched

Watch column

Once new preferences are applied in manage columns, the watch column will show an icon with an eye. This is an indicator that a record is being watched

Eye icon

The eye icon is also appearing when displaying record view as an indicator that this document is currently monitored and is being watched

Click on the eye icon from result set or from record view and a Watched record summary will open

It will show the owner of the alert, the created date, and the overview of the trigger events. Action section will allow you to edit the watched record or to delete it

Edit watched record

When Watched record summary is edited, it is possible to modify the alert and changes parameters if needed, then click save and the alert will run with the updated parameters:


This new data can be exported in all the formats available. Go to export, available fields and select Watch and move it to Export fielded list

Watched record activity

You will receive one single weekly digest notification per content type of all your watch events – this means there will be one email for patents, one email for literature