On-Demand Webinar

Self-Driving Search & Analysis: AI and Patent Discovery with Derwent

Raphael Ryger
Principal Software Engineer & Inventor Technology
Clarivate Analytics
Larry Mulcahy
Solutions Consultant
Clarivate Analytics
Bob Stembridge
Senior IP Analyst
Clarivate Analytics

These days with over 100 million patents, 70 million plus journal articles and an estimated total amount of 16.1 zetabytes of data as of 2016, we need all the help we can get in navigating to the correct information we need. AI and semantic search hold great promise in providing that help. Using machine learning against high quality training sets can provide very effective assistance in surfacing relevant results quickly.

This webinar will review how we at Clarivate Analytics are using AI to develop advanced search and analysis capability leveraging the power of the world’s gold standard patent database, Derwent World Patents Index, to complement the work of the professional searcher.