On-Demand Webinar

Patent Prosecution Sourcing Models: Best Practices for Driving Quality Patents On Strategy and Budget

Donato Pasquariello
Senior Patent Attorney
Jeff Waters
Cantor Colburn
Brad Lawrence
Cantor Colburn
Richard Kolar
Head of Services
Gene Quinn
Founder & Top 300 IP Strategist

Maintaining patent quality is more important than ever, as the Federal Circuit continues to expect greater detail in patent applications and care to ensure the heart of the invention is represented in the claims.

Rising costs to maintain patents worldwide continue to force law firms and corporations to seek sources and methods of keeping costs down without allowing quality to suffer.

Sometimes it makes sense to outsource certain work to outside firms that can provide more competitive pricing, while insourcing other work of greater strategic importance and value. Navigating these waters is not easy but assigning team members based on the value of the contribution that can be made to the project saves money without affecting quality.

Gene Quinn discusses the various patent prosecution sourcing models available today, their strengths and weaknesses, and how a thoughtful, coordinated approach to preparation and prosecution of patent applications can stretch budgets without reducing quality. Joining Gene is Donato Pasquariello, Senior Patent Attorney for Ericsson, Jeff Waters, Partner with Cantor Colburn, Brad Lawrence, Partner with Cantor Colburn and Richard Kolar, Head of Services for Derwent, a Clarivate Analytics company.