On-Demand Webinar

Managing IP in universities: perspectives on academia and industry technology transfer

Rohit Singh Gole
Sr. Consultant, IP Group

IP plays an essential role in the teaching and research functions of universities. IP helps universities to improve their ranking, institute an innovation ecosystem, incubate innovative ideas, generate revenue through licensing and spinoff start-ups. Every stakeholder, be it administrators, faculties or researchers, needs to know the basics of IP and learn how to get value from existing IPs by identifying, protecting, managing and commercializing them.

We will be covering the following topics:

  • Importance of IP for researchers
  • Research and innovation cycle in academia
  • Role of IP in commercialization & technology transfer
  • Technology transfer processes, steps and challenges
  • How to formulate IP strategies for academia and best practices
  • Decision support tools: how DWPI data helps in this process
  • Live case-study on patent portfolio analysis using Themescape and insights, general patent landscape and citation analysis to identify licensing opportunities

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