Graphene Patent Landscape Study

Landscape analysis of Graphene patent activity

Graphene is a material first produced in 2004, with very advanced electrical, mechanical and thermal properties. A type of carbon – specifically a layer of graphite a single atom thick – Graphene innovation is proceeding in several directions at the same: better production techniques, novel exploits of its exotic properties as well as finding use in new industries and applications.

A team of Derwent IP experts recently conducted a landscape analysis on Graphene patent activity. The report shows a sample of the findings available to R&D staff, corporate strategists and IP professionals when diving deep into the patent activity of a specific technical field.

Here’s what you will find in this report:

  • How patent analytics provides valuable insight into the graphene landscape
  • What new innovation opportunities are being created
  • Which companies hold the strongest graphene portfolios
  • How your organization compares with innovators generally

Gain a thorough understanding of the graphene landscape and learn how your competitors are approaching the technology