How IP fosters innovation: World IP Day 2020

World IP Day is the perfect time to reflect on the role of intellectual property not just in our professional lives, but in driving innovations that make life better for all.   No product made today can achieve sustainable success without its inventor, manufacturer or seller investing in intellectual property. IP serves as the foundation […]

What’s in a name? The art and science of determining patent ownership

Patents are rights of ownership.  They confer the right to exclude others from using your invention without permission which you may grant freely, under license, or not at all.  The control of how the rights are used resides with the owner.  Establishing true ownership is important when assessing a technology landscape or identifying potential competitors, […]

Search smarter with Smart Search

You know how long it takes to formulate a conventional search strategy using source material to identify the correct keywords, synonyms, classifications and so on to capture a reasonable answer set, not to mention the time taken to review the search results to find the few nuggets that may be contained within.  And then trying […]