Jeremy Rosie

Director, Expert Services

IP translations for patent prosecution: The benefits of using a centralized provider

Patent filing costs, of which translations are a major component, have increased dramatically over the years.  While most foreign associates and law firms provide translation services as part of their filing support, this approach can be suboptimal, incurring pass thru costs and no guarantee of quality deliverables. When it comes to translation work, there are […]

Why outsourcing your patent translations is an intelligent decision

Translation has traditionally been a necessary but low-profile part of a company’s patent and intellectual property business. Now, with the continued growth of the IP landscape and a need to seek IP protection across international borders, it has become a vital part of the overall IP workflow that is receiving more attention. Many organizations, forced […]

IP translations – Balancing risk against cost

Whether you are a patent attorney, paralegal, patent agent, researcher in an IP services firm or even an inventor, there is an obvious temptation to consider using low cost translation providers.  Patent translation can be a major drain on budgets, especially in the area of international patent prosecution. In this publication we examine whether the […]