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How the Darts-ip trademark cases database can help with your trademark registrations.

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Which Nice classes should you include in your availability searches?

Use our product similarity statistics to validate your intuition on what classes are relevant and/or risky

Find the products and classes that are most likely to be a source of conflict to the product for which you are registering your trademark.

Assess the agressiveness of mark owners

Use our party name search to evaluate the aggressiveness of a found mark’s owner

Is the owner of a found mark aggressively defending its mark? Against what other trademarks? What is their success rate?

Minimize refusal risk

Use our points of law to find grounds for refusal of comparable marks

Evaluate the absolute grounds refusal risk of a mark by analyzing the recent decisions of your local IP office based on the characteristics of the mark you are trying to register.

Register successfully and stay within budget

Offer the highest quality advice, faster

Using Darts-ip in your applications will help you avoid certain pitfalls and have better communication with your clients and stakeholders.

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