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From identifying and protecting IP assets to building a global litigation strategy, Darts-ip can help.

IP Managers

Today’s IP managers play a key role in building and protecting IP portfolios. We deliver curated data and enriched insights to help build your IP litigation strategy and inform strategic business and operational decisions.

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Get comprehensive insights into the litigation landscape of any IP asset

We have developed the tools IP specialists need to visualize data and to get the bigger picture.

Our search tools process data from cases from around the world, allowing you to quickly and comprehensively search for global IP cases and trends.

Better understand risk and your position when up against a specific opponent

Quickly find all the cases involving a specific IP asset or a certain party as plaintiff or defendant, from anywhere in the world.

Understand your opponent’s activity on a global level. Are they likely to settle? Have they been successful? What other opponents have they been up against?

Easily share the data you find

Use our export or share options to compile answers and communicate your search

Coupled with our Insights feature, you can access a graphical overview of your search results and a comprehensive overview of the litigation landscape.

Make strategic decisions with confidence

See IP portfolio or competitors, from complaints and hearings to a first instance level or appeal level—in the context of the entire global IP landscape.

Accurately assess litigation risks, including possible settlement amounts and/or estimating the budget your action may require, spot threats (e.g. infringing) and opportunities (e.g. licensing).

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