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From identifying and protecting IP assets to building a global litigation strategy, Darts-ip can help.

Corporate legal departments

The business counts on you to assess litigation risks, and to spot opportunities and threats to support your organization’s business goals and growth. Darts-ip provides actionable IP intelligence that helps you make confident IP and legal decisions and anticipate future developments.

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Assess the aggressiveness of competitors

Use our party name search to evaluate aggressiveness of a competitor.

Is this competitor aggressively defending its IP rights? Against which other party or rights? What is their success rate?

Anticipate and minimize refusal risk

Use our points of law to find grounds for refusal of comparable IP rights.

Evaluate the absolute grounds refusal risk by analyzing the recent decisions of your local IP office and benefit from others’ experience.

Find where you have the best chances of success

Build your litigation strategy based on criteria such as win rates in your field.

Make comparative studies between different jurisdictions and increase your chance of success.

Find arguments the other party may not to support your case

Combine our search tools to find the perfect argument.

Our search tools can be used to get complete overviews but also to find exactly the argument you are looking for.

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