On-Demand Webinar

Prepare your designs & models invalidity cases with Darts-ip

Morjane Nah
Legal Support and Training Manager
Darts-ip, Clarivate

This training session aims at showing how to leverage the case law information to prepare invalidity actions for designs and models. It’s based on real life cases where the Darts-ip tools were used in various contexts of design invalidity.

  • Profile your counterpart in an invalidity context
  • Monitor a design
  • Defend your design on absolute grounds issues: find cases discussing the features solely dictated by their technical function for building materials in the context of invalidity actions.
  • Defend your design on relative grounds issues: analyse cases where although the color and dimension of the designs were considered different, the similar shape prevailed in the overall similarity assessment of the designs.
  • Assess how the French courts consider the lack of novelty for jewellery designs in the context of an invalidity counterclaim.
  • Check how the European instances interpret a specific legal topic: the criteria of degree of freedom of the designer for a specific product.
  • Identify the risk for your design to be invalidated by another prior right such as a trademark and how do the courts tackle this issue.