On-Demand Webinar

Prepare your copyright files with Darts-ip

Morjane Nah
Legal Support and Training Manager
Darts-ip, Clarivate

How to leverage the copyright case law to defend your clients’ rights

Despite the Digital Single Market Directive, copyright law remains not so harmonized and that is why case law comparison is key in this matter.

During this session, we introduced the participants to the most common questions in copyright case law and how you can find answers in Darts-ip, for example on:

  • The originality of a photography, published on a public website
  • Joint authorship when it relates to a song
  • The reproduction rights of a software application
  • The reproduction and attribution right on a sculpture, the Bust of ‘la Marianne’
  • The exhaustion of distribution rights in European landmark cases
  • Parody as an exception to copyright in Europe and its equivalent in the United States