On-Demand Webinar

Claim construction and damages search tools

Morjane Nah
Legal Support and Training Manager
Darts-ip, Clarivate

This session aims to explain how the claim construction and damages tabs can be used when searching for discussions related to damages or definitions of terms/phrasing. More specifically, we will show you the following search examples:

1. Claim construction

  • Search for the definition of a specific term given by a judge or an examiner in the electronics field
  • Find the interpretation of the word in the context of a sentence in a markman hearing
  • Search for the meaning of a term which must contain a specific word in the definition given by the judge

2. Damages

  • Find cases where a judge has granted a very high amount in infringement damages to US NPEs by using a specific method of calculation
  • Look for cases where there is a relevant discussion on the granting of significant additional remuneration