Taeyoen Kim


2020 Trademark System Trends in South Korea

         The most intuitive way to look at the trends in a country’s trademark system is to find amendments of its’ laws and regulations, to extrapolate what direction the system seems to be moving in. Today, we will look at the revision trends in Korea and how these changes can affect existing cases.          Recently, […]

Fight to protect Hanmi Pharm’s ‘팔팔’ brand

Have you ever heard of a drug called Viagra? It is a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. There is also a very famous medicine in Korea, and it is Hanmi Pharm’s ‘팔팔’. If you search in a Korean dictionary, the word “팔팔(palpal)” is defined either as: 1. Strong and […]

The court didn’t admit exclusive use of ‘the Hall of Fame’

Have you heard of ‘the Hall of Fame’? The Hall of Fame is a term that began to be used in the Anglosphere, and when you search Google, it is ‘a museum, a group that was established to commemorate people who have performed well in one area, such as sports and art(source: Wikipedia). In short, […]

Trade dress is also protected by the Unfair Competition Prevention Act

Today, we will look at a case that is important in the anti-competition law. This is the first case in Korea to apply Article 2 (1) (k) of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act (darts-340-410-H-ko, darts-794-496-D-ko, darts-793-159-E-ko). Article 2-1 of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act lists acts that correspond to unfair competition practices, and among these, […]

While using the trademark, beware of violating the Unfair Competition Prevention Law

          In Korea, there is a law called the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act. Referred to as the ‘Unfair Competition Prevention Law’ for short, this law aims to “maintain orderly trade by preventing acts of unfair competition such as improper use of domestically well-known trademarks and trade names, […]

Trademark dispute, alcohol is no exception.

One of Korea’s biggest holidays, Chuseok, has ended very recently. In Chuseok, families will gather to spend their time eating delicious food. In particular, there is something that cannot be missed during this holiday-‘Alcohol’. Korea has famous liquor brands in each region as shown below.   Soju (the most consumed local alcohol in Korea) is […]

‘Red Bull’ Vs. ‘Bullsone’, Who is the winner of the bull fight?

Bull. What image does this word remind you of? Regardless of the East or the West, most of you probably think of “power, wealth,” etc. What about red? Most of the time, you will also think of “strength, power.” It is this “red bovine” that is common in the trademark dispute that we will look […]

Keep the team’s name!

In 2019, TIME selected a Korean singer for one of ‘the 100 most influential people’. Who is it? It is BTS. They are also famous with their name gracing the billboard charts. Hyundai, the well-known automobile company, also uses BTS as its advertising model and their value is beyond imagination. As the name ‘BTS’ has […]

Korea’s Pharmaceutical companies are struggling to keep up with IMDs

What is the common point between ‘Aircare Tab’ and ‘Nocotine’? The answer is that they are both incrementally modified drugs (IMD) with new salt formation. Currently, Korean pharmaceutical companies mainly produce new drugs, IMDs, and generics. The new drug literally means a medicine with newly developed structure and efficacy. Generics, which are so-called “copied drugs”, […]

Korean professional baseball league

Korean baseball stadiums have a unique culture about ‘cheering songs’. These baseball stadiums are filled with cheering songs where the lyrics get adapted to suit the characteristics of each team and each player. However these days, an increasing number of legal battles take place over these cheering songs resulting in baseball teams choosing not to […]