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From identifying and protecting IP assets to building a global litigation strategy, Darts-ip can help.


You advise your clients on their IP strategies and legal IP issues. You help identify assets to protect and point out any litigation or legal risks. Our solutions and analytics give you valuable insight. Insight that helps you deliver better client advice and maximize the potential of your clients’ IP portfolios.

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Anticipate and minimize refusal risk

Use our points of law to find grounds for refusal of comparable IP rights

Evaluate the absolute grounds refusal risk by analyzing the recent decisions of your local IP office and benefit from others’ experience.

Apply for your trademark or patent confidently and stay within budget

Offer the highest quality advice, faster

Using Darts-ip in your applications will help you avoid pitfalls regarding absolute grounds and facilitates better communication with your clients and stakeholders.

Assess the aggressiveness of competitors

Use our party name search to evaluate the aggressiveness and monitor the activity of a competitor

Is this competitor aggressively defending its IP rights? Against which other party or rights? What is their success rate?

Know your case law search is complete

Use our search tools to find the full case history of the opposing party

Quickly find relevant case law in just seconds and get the peace of mind knowing you have done complete case law research.

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