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CX Services: Best practices, training, and CX Governance frameworks for improved customer experience, customer retention, and overall profitability and revenue.

CX Services — CX training


CX Training Programs that transform your company

Making improvements to your Customer Experience is dependent on all of your colleagues, especially the touchpoint business owners, making the necessary improvements in the touchpoint metrics that they own in a timely manner. They need to be accountable, they need to be engaged, understand the critical part they play in the entire customer experience, and they need to be properly motivated and rewarded for their efforts. With CX Training, your Customers First mentality can be solidified into your corporate culture.


CustomersFirst Now has delivered CX training to many organizations in order to provide a proper framework and plan to improve the skills and awareness of your colleagues (team members) in a manner that drives the CX outcomes that your company desires/requires.


We have a well-defined and comprehensive framework and set of best practices for implementing an internal CX training and development program for your enterprise.

  • Pre-Workshop Planning
  • Needs Analysis Workshop
  • Design & Development
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

Each of these stages will identify needs, barriers, key personas, competencies, skills, behaviors, and attitudes that will be structured into a coherent and consistently delivered training program. Extensive interviews of executives and staff will inform the recommendations, certifications, and Instructor’s and Participant’s Guides. Recognition, rewards, and compensation recommendations will also be detailed.


  • Achieve engagement and buy-in from colleagues and management across organizational boundaries
  • Establish training targeted to specific needs and personas
  • Implement recognition and rewards systems to enculturate customers first thinking
  • Leverage insights from customer journey mapping and customer feedback
  • Design approach flexible based on needs and budget


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If you are interested in starting or expanding your CX Training program with our experienced team.

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