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Are you fully leveraging your Survey and Voice of the Customer (VOC) data?

The answer for many companies is no. Many companies have put into place a survey or VOC application hoping to capture some immediate insights. You might have gained some superficial level insights, but unless you have a data analytics team to really crunch the numbers and the text data, there are likely many insights that you have not seen yet. And other companies who gain further insights do not have a reliable process or method of turning those insights into actions that make an impact to the customer experience.


We offer a Customer Experience Survey & VOC Program to supplement, integrate, and fully leverage your customer data with your overall Customer Experience program. We work with your existing VOC technology and/or vendors, or we will help you select the right vendors for your company. This service is especially beneficial if you have large archives of past customer data or are trying to solve an immediate customer facing issue (like retention/churn) and you are looking for new customer insights for improved Customer Success.


We approach in the development of your VoC integrated program in the following way:

  1. Analyze your existing data such as website, NPS, installation, or case closure surveys, complaint/call center databases, service reason codes, financial data, and write in comments
  2. Assess your current program structure, process, and data using text analytics, correlation analysis, and regression modeling to deliver robust insights and tell you what is working and where there are gaps and opportunities for improvement
  3. Design your Future State VOC program and select VOC vendor if necessary

We will deliver a baseline of data and insights to compare the effectiveness of change against. You will also understand the correlation results of NPS to financial outcomes and correlation results of other factors to your financial outcomes. This information will also feed into the effectiveness of the current VOC program and will be used as input in setting up the new VOC program approach.


There are many benefits of being able to gain more insights from customers at various points in their journey with your company.

  • The ability to ensure the customer’s voice is heard and leveraged as an on-going part of the overall long-term customer experience
  • The ability to fully leverage existing or past data to take immediate actions
  • The creation of a complete VOC program that will be used over time for optimizing customer success
  • Insights can be distributed to other groups, like sales and customer service for improved CX
  • The creation of a relationship with a technology partner to support your ever-changing VOC needs

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