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Are your CX priorities customer focused?

If your Customer Experience goals and program priorities are set by you, an internal team, or even your executives, you may not be focused on what affects your customers most, and may not get the most financial return from your efforts.  It also just makes sense that the goals and priorities of the Customer Experience program should be validated by your customers, and what makes the most financial impact. How do you effectively accomplish this?


Our CX Quick Win Scorecard is a program that helps you identify, collect, and analyze your customer data in order to help you prioritize your CX goals and actions, and provides best practices and help for creating and maintaining your CX Quick Win Scorecard.

In addition, we share our best practices with what works and what doesn’t work when implementing your scorecard internally to help drive buy-in, action, and results for your CX program.

Watch a recorded webinar on How to Create a CX Quick Win Scorecard


We approach the development of your CX Quick Win Scorecard in the following ways:

  1. Analyze your operational data, Journey Map data, Customer Survey data, financial data, and other customer data like NPS, churn, on-boarding, complaints, and write in comments
  2. Organize and correlate the data with customer-facing information such as Customer Pain Points and Moments of Truth in order to provide you with the prioritized actions for improvement and the metrics to use to measure improvements in your Customer Experience
  3. Execute best practices for gaining buy-in, implementing, reporting on, and maintaining your CX Scorecard internally and across functional divisions


There are many benefits of being able to gain more insights from customers at various points in their journey with your company.

  • Have a proven framework that produces customer-focused CX priorities that drive financial results
  • Gain best practice learnings on how to identify Customer Moments of Truth and Pain Points
  • The ability to fully leverage existing and past data to develop CX priorities and metrics
  • Establish the tracking framework for CX improvements that can eventually lead to producing a case for ROI in your CX program
  • Ability to share progress on key CX metrics and wins to all team members and executive sponsors

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