Online webinar

Newport tips and tricks – get past the tip of the iceberg

As a current user, you understand how valuable Newport is to your business, but do you ever wonder if there’s more to Newport that you haven’t had time to discover?

Join us for a quick complementary webinar, Newport tips and tricks – get past the tip of the iceberg to discover how to get more out of your subscription, and answer these challenges:

  • How do I target companies to partner with that have the manufacturing capabilities I need, or hold specific types of patents or regulatory filings? For example, API companies that hold more than 10 US DMFs and dose companies that can manufacture injectables.
  • How do I identify the most recent APIs associated with a company?
  • Where has my product been launched? How much does it cost? Is there a dose form or strength not yet available that I can launch with minimum competition?
  • How can I find drugs losing patent protection in Brazil and other countries where the Newport Constraint Date isn’t yet represented?
  • Where can I search by different SPC exclusivity types and pediatric extensions?

  • Date:
    June 8, 2020
  • Start Time:
    2:00 pm PDT
  • End Time:
    2:40 pm PDT