Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics yield smarter pharma portfolio decisions

Collecting competitive data isn’t the problem; most biopharma companies are drowning in it. But making sense of the data, using it to predict likely shifts in the competitive landscape and drive decisions can be a challenge. While forecasting drug timelines and success rates are critical to inform investment and R&D decisions, the standard approach has […]

Understanding the HIV challenge in South Africa

The quest to reduce the HIV burden in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) involves a multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary approach. While detailed understanding of the pathogenesis, virology, immunology and epidemiology as it relates to HIV/AIDS is crucial, ways to curb the disease require constant attention and innovation, as do the socio-economic implications. Working in partnership is critical, given […]

The contribution of Type 2 diabetes to the disease burden in South Africa

In South Africa, 1,826,100 cases of diabetes were reported in 2017, corresponding to a prevalence of 5.4%. Overall, numbers are reported to be increasing over time. Diabetes also ranked high among the top 10 leading natural causes of death, accounting for 5.4% of deaths (year 2015). Approximately 14% of ischemic heart disease, 10% of stroke, […]

Predictive analytics yield better disease forecasting: the example of MS

The possibilities Disease forecasts are market analytics, aimed at understanding and predicting a product’s market potential. Prediction modelling usually involves a prediction profile (algorithm) from past studies. The model is then “deployed” so that a new individual can get a prediction instantly for whatever the need be, such as an epidemiological endpoint. Predictions can range from […]