Pharma disruptors, challenges and opportunities

The recent Financial Times Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference provided two days of fascinating insights into the pharma industry, with discussions around the key challenges, disruptors and opportunities it is facing. Covering topics ranging from artificial intelligence to alternative funding options, and patient-centered care to pricing, the meeting brought together experts from across the healthcare […]

India: The emerging hub for biologics and biosimilars

The global pharmaceutical industry is facing a shift from chemical-based drugs to biologics and biosimilars. While small molecule therapeutics had previously dominated research and captured major market share, the advent of large molecule therapeutics (biologics and biosimilars) has rapidly transformed the pharmaceutical industry. Given their targeted mechanism of action and reduced toxicity, biologics have gained […]

DCAT Week ’17 session looks at emerging pharma market trends

The health of emerging pharmaceutical companies can be assessed, in part, by financing and partnership activity with larger companies, Richard Harrison, Chief Scientific Officer at Clarivate Analytics, told a DCAT Week ’17 audience in a session titled “Emerging Pharma: Market Overview, Project Management and CMC Readiness.”