Drugs to Watch 2019

Seven drugs are set to enter the market in 2019 and achieve blockbuster status by 2023. See who’s on the list – and why.

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About the report

Since 2013, the  Cortellis  team has produced the annual Drugs to Watch Report. Read this year’s report to see 2019 drug forecasts, understand growth drivers and review the status of prior blockbuster predictions.

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Hot therapy areas

The 2019 list includes agents (six out of seven) targeting diseases characterized by genetic disorder and/or excessive immune response (including autoimmunity). The ability to manipulate underlying mechanisms of disease states attests to the astonishing progress of medical and scientific knowledge in recent decades.

The tides are changing

Companies are investing more in rare diseases, unmet needs, and conditions with current treatments hampered by safety, efficacy or other issues. This year’s line-up of predicted blockbusters features a high proportion of therapies addressing such targets.