Accelerating drug discovery at the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct

Enabling access to Cortellis intelligence helps to accelerate innovation in Australia’s leading biomedical precinct.

33% of Australia’s 2017-2018 drug discovery efforts occurred within the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct (the Precinct) and continues to grow. The Precinct consistently attracts 23% of National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding annually, more than any other state in Australia, and has a publication citation rate twice the international average. So why was the Precinct not identifying more viable drug targets, and why was it lagging its peers around the world?

This case study explores the Australian drug discovery landscape with a focus on the Precinct, challenges for Australia’s medical research and biotechnology sector and how Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence will help better position the Precinct to accelerate drug discovery and play a more prominent role locally and abroad to compete with leading drug developers.