White Paper

Financial Times Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference 2018

Embracing Disruption for a New Era in Health

The FT’s Global Healthcare conference brought top-level executives and leaders in healthcare and technology together around a fascinating and thought-provoking agenda, which consisted of a wide range of expert panel discussions chaired by the FT and Deloitte’s specialist editors, as well as a series of keynote CEO interviews.

The conference took an in-depth and nuanced view of the forces of disruption colliding in healthcare now. Gains in R&D are implicit, but beyond this, technology and data disruption can potentially transform all aspects of healthcare through patient-centered care, the march of Big Data, advanced analytics, and the entrance of new players in the market such as tech firms and app providers.

While the economics may be intrinsically challenging, and uncertainty and complexity are inherent throughout, the FT conference assembled visionaries of this healthcare future providing a captivating insight of the forces which are so fundamentally altering the structure of the industry.