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The evolution of systems biology has allowed for easier integration of OMICs data, prior knowledge of networks and pathways, and tools for network analysis. However, many bioinformatics teams spend significant time and effort producing, collecting and analyzing OMICs data to create networks and pathways that support R&D decisions. The resulting analyses are only as accurate and useful as the analytical methods used to evaluate the OMICs data, so additional help is needed.

The Computational Biology Methods for Drug Discovery (CBDD) group brings together industry leaders and innovators to collaborate on the development and implementation of state-of-the-art approaches for network and pathway analyses. Established in 2015, CBDD has developed more than 50 exclusive algorithms for biological data analysis  ̶  all with the goal of accelerating drug discovery. Ultimately, the collaboration and resulting algorithms free up internal resources, so your bioinformatics teams can spend less time developing algorithms and more time focusing on value-added work.

Collaborate with peers to develop and leverage industry leading analysis

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    Leading systems biology approaches Implement a range of network analyses and algorithms developed from leading research from over 2.5 million peer-reviewed publications.
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    Advanced industry expertise Leverage expertise of a bioinformatics team whose members have at least 15 years of experience in network & pathway analysis and software development.
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    Comprehensive data sources Combine your internal research with algorithms developed from leading publicly available data to make informed decisions around your drug discovery efforts.
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    Flexible systems integration Access algorithms via an R script library that can be seamlessly integrated into your internal systems for easy analysis.
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    Ongoing analysis training With the release of each new algorithm, you’ll get training from the bioinformatics team to ensure accurate analysis.
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