On-Demand Webinar

New target identification and validation

Dr. Rahul Pandey
Solutions Consultant
Dr. Carlos Granja
Solution Scientist

New target identification and validation is one of the hardest jobs in pharmacology, as thousands of researchers have found out to their dismay.

In this webinar, we shared a workflow for new target identification and validation which is more effective, faster and reliable.

This webinar will guide how one can answer the following questions:

  • Which disease(s) is the target involved in? What about the normal function of the target? What is the knock-out phenotype? Is the target evolutionarily conserved?
  • What is the cellular location of the target?
  • What evidence/data can we find to show the causative role of the target in the disease?
  • How can the target be modulated? What are the available in vivo preclinical models? How relevant are the disease models? What drugs have already been tested in these models?
  • What are the clinical biomarkers related to the relevant pathway? Does the target change with disease severity? Does the target level or related clinical biomarker(s) associate with clinical outcomes?
  • What drugs are marketed or under development with mechanisms of action towards the target? Against which indications?