Competitive research tool drives targeted pipeline decisions

Quality, timely market information is fundamental to determining new product development for targets and indications. In this case study, see how a small U.K.-based company that provides research services to biopharma customers across Europe harnessed Cortellis Competitive Intelligence,TM with its accurate, comprehensive, validated, up-to-date data, to guide clients’ future drug pipeline and licensing decisions.

Seeing the full landscape of API manufacturing

Finding a reliable, safe supplier of API can be a challenge that holds up the process of manufacturing for generics companies large and small – delaying the release of important, affordable medications into the market. The answer, for Helm AG, was Newport, a Cortellis solution,TM which provided a complete view of the API landscape and […]

Identifying critical licensing and M&A deal terms

The CEO of a company that focuses on business development on behalf of its biopharma customers was under pressure to help them enter the best possible deals for assets in various phases of development. In this case study, see how Cortellis Deals IntelligenceTM provided him with exactly the global data he needed, usually via unredacted […]

Key steps forward in disease control in Sub-Saharan Africa

The author, Shyama Ghosh, recently completed a detailed study of the disease landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa. Titled “Disease control in Sub-Saharan Africa: Are we doing enough?”, the following is an excerpt.   Amid the many challenges facing Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), there are signs of progress, as well. The RB Group, in India, noting the growth […]