PolyPEPI-1018: A hopeful advance in the fight against cancer – and a milestone for us

Meet PolyPEPI-1018, a cancer vaccine being developed by Treos Bio Ltd. for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer.

PolyPEPI-1018 contains six synthetic polypeptides that are precisely selected to induce immune cell responses against 12 epitopes from seven cancer testis antigens (CTAs) most frequently expressed in colorectal cancers. These polypeptides are optimized with the PEPI biomarker to induce robust and lasting CRC-specific T cell responses. Unlike most medicines which need to be taken for life this cancer vaccine remains in the body to fight any future outbreaks of cancer that may appear.

In addition to its promise as a potential cancer therapy, PolyPEPI-1018 holds a special place of honor for us at Clarivate Analytics: It is the 70,000th commercial drug record registered in Cortellis, the premier source of life sciences competitive intelligence information and analytics. 

How did Clarivate find out about PolyPEPI-1018?

First identified in June 2016, Clarivate editors created a drug record for a series of cancer vaccines in development by Treos Bio from a press release and a review of the company website at that time. That original record reflected information reporting that Treos Bio was developing six vaccines for the treatment of melanoma, glioma, as well as cancer of the lung, breast and colon, alongside companion diagnostics to help identify suitable patients for treatment.

A new drug record for PolyPEPI-1018 was created by an expert Clarivate editor with knowledge of immunology from a press release announcing an IND on Jan. 24, 2018. A drug profile was written, and the drug fully indexed by adding relevant action, indication and technology terms. Cortellis record links were made to the Company, Deal, Patent and Trial, so that Cortellis customers would get an accurate up-to-date description of the background and status of the vaccine. The value-add content offering in Cortellis is reflected by this curation of information and the linking of relevant records as a result of research and analysis into this agent by editorial experts at Clarivate.

The Treos Bio pipeline

Treos Bio is a biopharma company headquartered in London. It has a U.S. unit, Treos Bio Corp., in San Francisco, and a Veszprem, Hungary, address for Treos Bio Zrt., reflecting the global nature of the company’s owners and leadership.

The company uses cancer vaccine technology to develop precision cancer immunotherapies and companion diagnostics (including PolyPEPI CDx) to aid identification of likely responders to treatment.

Data on six additional early stage development cancer vaccines from Treos Bio, as shown in the table below, are also available in Cortellis.


Drug name Development status Indication Action
PolyPEPI glioma vaccine, Treos Bio Discovery Glioma Anticancer, Therapeutic vaccine
PolyPEPI leukemia vaccine, Treos Bio Discovery Leukemia Anticancer, Therapeutic vaccine
PolyPEPI-1211 Discovery Ovary tumor Anticancer, Therapeutic vaccine
PolyPEPI-915; PolyPEPI-912 Discovery Breast tumor Anticancer, Therapeutic vaccine
PolyPEPI-812 Discovery Lung tumor Anticancer, Therapeutic vaccine
PolyPEPI-612 Discovery Melanoma Anticancer, Therapeutic vaccine



Content completeness depends on the timely delivery of information, be it first registration of a record or updates to existing Cortellis records. Monitoring of multiple sources of information for relevancy and timely delivery of data following background research and curation by editorial experts are essential to delivering accuracy. Full indexing by action, indication and technology terms aids search and retrieval using simple or advanced search in the Cortellis platform.

The records in Cortellis are dynamic and evolve over time to reflect the status along the R&D cycle. All source material is cited as a reference and associated with a record so users can feel confident in the accuracy of the content.

Maintaining a database of 70,000 drug records is indeed a monumental achievement. The number 70,000 for our recent drug registration should not be viewed as just a quantity or compared to competitor products because policies differ and launch dates of products influence the final count. It is a key internal milestone that illustrates that Cortellis is the richest source of competitive intelligence and presents the value of our content through a description of PolyPEPI-1018 and associated content.

Editor’s Note: This is an adaptation of a longer paper on PolyPEPI-1018, Treos Bio and how the comprehensive data and unique insights in Cortellis help biopharma companies track the progress of drug development across all stages and around the world. Download the full paper here.