Better portfolio decisions start with powerful analytics

Get more from your investment with Cortellis Analytics, which delivers easy to use analytics and visualizations built on the robust and deep pharma intelligence in the Cortellis database.  Applying automated, dynamic algorithms and seamlessly integrated into Cortellis Competitive Intelligence, our analytics save valuable time while letting you harness the best of human and machine intelligence, with access to insights from 650+ scientists and analysts in one search.

Using Cortellis as the foundation, our analytics draw from:


drug programs


clinical trials




company profiles

Accurately predict drug timelines and success

Our patent-pending algorithm behind Drug Timeline & Success Rates uses statistical modeling and machine learning to generate more accurate pipeline forecasts in just a few clicks. When tested against conventional benchmark models, Cortellis Analytics – Drug Timeline & Success Rates outperformed by 25%.  Machine learning drives continuous refinements and improvements based on the most current market information, enabling more confident decision-making. Watch our Drug Timeline & Success Rates video to learn how you can save time and make better, data-backed portfolio decisions.


The fastest way to get drug attrition rates

Cortellis Analytics – Drug Attrition Rates lets you dig deeper to understand and avoid the potential stumbling blocks on the way to commercialization. Intuitive, interactive visualizations and analytics aggregate information in the Cortellis reason for discontinuation filter to allow for quick identification of discontinued drug programs and the reasons why.


Analytics powered by the cloud

Cortellis Analytics is powered by Cortellis Cloud, an integrated, scalable technology platform that underpins all Cortellis solutions. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cortellis Cloud enables integrated data models based on the latest available intelligence across thousands of sources, making it the industry’s richest resource for data-driven insights and advanced analytics.

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