IP Asia 2020 report

Intellectual property (IP) plays an essential role in accelerating the pace of innovation. Patents protect inventions in all fields of technology, trademarks signal the characteristics of products, designs specify how products look and domains identify organizations in the world of Internet. The critical importance of these rights becomes clear when we look at today’s IP […]

Where art meets science: Researching industrial designs

Industrial designs are increasingly recognized as valuable brand assets deserving of protection every bit as much as trademarks, patents and other intellectual property (IP). Due to their visual nature, industrial designs pose some unique challenges with respect to researching for clearance and protection. In this white paper, Leo Longauer, Vice President of Corporate IP for […]

2020 Trademark Ecosystem

What kind of shifts are we seeing in the trademark industry? In a new survey, 85% of brands experienced infringement in 2019 showing a steady upward trend from 81% in 2018 and 74% in 2017. Consequences of infringement were significant, with the top three cited: customer confusion (45%) loss of revenue (38%) damage to brand […]

Now is the time to accelerate innovation

This increase in innovation has already been seen in China where the virus hit first. After dropping in February, patent applications at CNIPA were 9.5% higher in March 2020 than they were in the same month in 2019. Meanwhile, Huawei has announced it will increase R&D spending by 33% to $20M in 2020. There is […]

How IP fosters innovation: World IP Day 2020

World IP Day is the perfect time to reflect on the role of intellectual property not just in our professional lives, but in driving innovations that make life better for all.   No product made today can achieve sustainable success without its inventor, manufacturer or seller investing in intellectual property. IP serves as the foundation […]

COVID-19 impacts to patent and trademark offices

Updated March 31, 2021 With a year passing since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a pandemic, the majority of PTO offices are no longer operating under suspensions or delays. As a result, we will cease to maintain the list of impacted IP offices and their status. If you have any questions on your […]

See the broader picture: Darts-ip global IP case data is now at your fingertips

Analyzing the litigation and administrative cases relating to a trademark or owner provides valuable insight for making trademark decisions and managing brand risk. Now, that insight is yours with the integration of Darts-ip global case data with CompuMark™ research and protection solutions. A strategic acquisition The recent acquisition of Darts-ip, the global leader in IP […]

The latest COVID-19 updates from CompuMark

April 10, 2020 As COVID-19 continues to impact different regions of the world, trademark and patent offices are also being affected. Many offices have adjusted their regular operations in a variety of ways, including suspensions or delays in services. We are actively engaging with many of these offices on a regular basis, and monitoring other […]

Supporting you during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Valued Customer, At CompuMark™, we are committed to helping trademark professionals meet the challenges of creating and protecting brands in a rapidly evolving, global landscape. This includes helping you navigate the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As we continue to see more communities and organizations affected worldwide, we have taken several steps to provide […]

Class 05: Pharmaceutical Trademarks?

Filing Activity Analysis: Supplements on the rise The 11th (2020) Edition of the Nice Classification describes Class 5 as “mainly pharmaceuticals and other preparations for medical or veterinary purposes”. When most people hear the word “pharmaceuticals” in the context of trademarks, they think of traditional areas of medicine such as cancer, vaccines, antibiotics, diabetes and […]