SERION Release - March 2020

CompuMark Darts-ip Integration

Darts-ip is now integrated into CompuMark’s online solutions
Access the most complete, global collection of searchable IP case data together with trusted CompuMark trademark content in a single, integrated workflow. Get the full picture – learn more about the integration and sign up for a demo, today!


TM go365

With one click in TM go365, effortlessly research word marks alongside image marks
Now, you can easily research both a brand name and logo simultaneously by starting a word mark search within the image search tab of TM go365.

Japan and China national classes added to TM go365
National classes for Japan and China are now available within the Analysis Tool for TM go365™, allowing you to easily filter and sort word mark results by national classes using the ‘Similar Group Codes’ column. Plus, you can select by ‘Similar Group Codes’ when exporting word or image mark results.


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