SERION Release – March 2019

TM go365™
Newly Available Custom Cropping Tool
Tricky backgrounds, specific design elements, and images with multiple parts are all challenges for an image recognition search. The new custom cropping tool, available for both industrial designs and image searching, allows you to select exact areas of focus from a set of uploaded images.

Additional Database Coverage For Industrial Designs
We have expanded our industrial design coverage on TM go365 by adding Brazil, China, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

US Stylized And EMEA Non-Traditional Marks
Image searching on TM go365 will now deliver results for US Stylized and EMEA Non-Traditional marks.

Scripted Non-Latin Characters Available For Non-Latin Character Watch
Non-Latin Character Watch results now include the Applicant name in Chinese characters, which will be available as scripted characters within Watch on SERION and electronic reporting. You can easily copy and paste characters which significantly improves the ease of use in transferring information elsewhere.

Logo Types Available For Portuguese Logos
Logo types distinction will now be available for Portuguese logos. Note: no classes are associated with logo type, results will generate despite class specification. This applies to both word and design results. Logo Types will be identifiable under the Register designation of “Portugal (Logo Types)” within Watch on SERION and Watch reporting.

Full Search
Single Record Views Of AM Pharma In-Use Information
In order to accelerate the review process of AM Pharma In-Use results in the Analysis Tool, full-text records have now been consolidated into a single record view that shows data for all In-Use countries associated with a particular drug name. Single click access is available to access the full-text record for each country listed. Note: exports will still be on an individual country basis.

Designate ‘Active Only’ Hits At The Beginning of An Autoscreen Search
The ability to search active-only listings at the beginning of a new Autoscreen search is now available, making it easier for you to retrieve active results for a given search.

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