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The sooner you eliminate trademarks that aren’t viable, the better. But all Screening tools are not created equal. Relying on lower-quality data or search technology not optimized for trademark research can mean unreliable results and missed findings. And searching trademark office records for multiple jurisdictions is complex and time-consuming.

CompuMark makes screening your proposed trademarks easy and cost-effective—with results based on quality data you can count on to make critical decisions. Screen your mark in countries around the world with a single SAEGIS® on SERION® search—maximizing your certainty and your efficiency.

Trademark Screening Solutions that Save Time and Money

Online Screening Tools

SAEGIS® on SERION® puts the world’s most comprehensive, trusted, global trademark screening content at your fingertips, around the clock, at a very affordable cost. Check the status of a mark or perform competitive intelligence with unmatched speed and efficiency.

International Screening

Assess the viability of your proposed brand in markets around the world. Screen worldwide or focus your search on specific regions or countries, with solutions powered by our expert Analysts.

Pharmaceutical Screening

Screen proposed pharma trademarks regionally in more than 200 countries, or worldwide. Our specialized expertise in the nuances of pharmaceutical brands delivers more relevant results, with less noise.

The CompuMark Screening Advantage

Accurate, dependable data

Only CompuMark reviews and corrects incoming trademark data, for accuracy you can count on. We include cross-references to plurals, homophones and corrupted spellings, plus character matching and spelling variations in class to deliver results other tools miss.

Time-saving convenience

Search multiple jurisdictions simultaneously with SAEGIS®. Streamline review with consistent format across registers. Results are available in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, or Japanese. Screen domain names, company names, and industrial designs.

Expert, personalized support, 24x5

Experienced trademark specialists are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, in six languages. Complimentary training helps you tap the full power of our screening tools.

Cover the entire brand spectrum

200 million domain names and growing. Company names in 212 countries. Pharma names in 70+ countries. Industrial designs in 17 countries. Access all databases or a custom combination.

Unmatched global reach

Screen globally with the world’s most comprehensive trademark database, covering 186 registers and 254 countries.

Ease and flexibility

SAEGIS® streamlines your entire screening workflow. Zero in on the most critical results quickly with powerful tools. Create custom reports in seconds.

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Our Global Customer Support Team is available to serve you 24 hours a day, five days a week.