Conduct a “knockout” search specially focused on your proposed pharmaceutical brand.

SAEGIS® for Pharma

Screen your proposed pharmaceutical trademarks with maximum confidence. SAEGIS lets you perform knock-out searches in key jurisdictions and the Pharma In Use database with unmatched speed and ease—whether you want an automated search strategy or prefer to create your own.

  • Assess similarity quickly and easily with POCA Similarity Scores and CompuMark Match
  • AutoScreen simplifies screening with automated search intelligence that analyzes phonetic and orthographic variations—crucial for clearing pharma names
  • Available Pharma Search Strategy Extension provides additional prefixes and suffixes to help assess uniqueness
  • Custom Search lets you define a custom screening strategy to meet your precise needs

Pharmaceutical Multi-Country/ Region Screening Search

Get the in-depth international insight you need to screen pharmaceutical marks with confidence. Our Pharmaceutical Multi-Country/Region Screening Search is the ideal, cost-effective solution for identifying potential trademark conflicts in key countries or regions outside the U.S. It goes beneath the surface, delivering detailed information for more informed trademark decisions.

  • Identify identical, phonetically identical and closely similar trademarks in 70+ select
    international registers
  • Includes trademark and Pharmaceutical In-Use databases, for the most relevant results
  • Make informed decisions with detailed record content and trademark status information

Worldwide Identical Screening Search Plus (WISS Plus) for Pharma

Screening pharmaceutical trademarks globally requires specialized expertise and sources. That advantage is yours with our Worldwide Identical Screening Search Plus (WISS Plus) for Pharma, a CompuMark exclusive. It’s the easy, cost-effective way to screen your pharmaceutical mark in more than 200 countries and registers worldwide.

  • Find identical marks across trademark records published for the first time since 1976
  • Screen your mark across 200+ of the world’s most commercially important jurisdictions
  • Pharma-specific phonetic coverage captures the most relevant results
  • Make informed decisions with current status information

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