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With hundreds of thousands of new brands entering the marketplace each year, the risk of infringement has never been greater. Performing a high-quality trademark search is essential for avoiding a conflict that could cost millions in litigation fees, delayed market entry, and lost marketing investments.

Why risk it? CompuMark trademark search solutions are the industry standard, powered by the world’s most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date global trademark data and common law content and the industry’s most experienced Search Analysts. The result: more relevant results and less brand risk.

A Comprehensive Suite of Search Solutions

U.S. and Canada Full Searches

The gold standard for confidently determining the availability of trademarks, design marks, company names, trade dress, and more, in the U.S. or Canada—including extensive web and common law coverage.

International Full Searches

Search your trademark, design mark, company name, and more in countries and regions around the world. Search multiple markets with a single search and report for easy review.

DIY Trademark Searching

TM go365™ is the on-demand, self-service trademark searching solution that hits what others miss. Search word and image marks in seconds using advanced technology for reliable results and rapid decision-making.

Pharmaceutical Searches

Assess the uniqueness of your pharmaceutical product name in jurisdictions worldwide, with focused coverage of trademark-rich sources for the pharmaceutical industry.

Web Searches

Minimize trademark risk with extensive coverage of the web, including domain names, social media platforms, and trademark-rich websites for more than 40 industries.

The CompuMark Search Advantage

Accurate and comprehensive data

Our quality team reviews and corrects incoming PTO data to ensure accuracy. Online and common law sources worldwide are continually updated and expanded to provide the most relevant information.

Experienced search analysts

Our Search Analysts have 17+ years of experience, on average. They have the expertise to design a search strategy to meet your precise needs, eviewing search results to maximize value and minimize irrelevant noise, saving you time and effort.

Flexible choices

Whether you want the convenience of a self-service search solution, or the in-depth research provided by an Analyst-led search, CompuMark has you covered. Either way, you get results you can count on to make critical decisions.

Expert, personalized support, 24x5

Experienced trademark specialists are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, in six languages.

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