Assess the viability of your proposed marks with “knockout” searches early in the process.

Multi-Country Screening Search

Take screening to a deeper level to reduce risk, while saving time and money. Find identical, phonetically identical and closely similar trademarks across 105 international jurisdictions—with no class limits. Expert CompuMark Analysts go beneath the surface, delivering the in-depth information you need to make decisions with maximum confidence.

  • In-depth screening by expert Analysts provides the most relevant results
  • Screen across multiple jurisdictions in a single search
  • Make informed decisions with detailed record content and trademark status information

Worldwide Identical Screening Search Plus (WISS Plus)

To minimize your risk of a trademark conflict down the road, think globally. A CompuMark exclusive, our Worldwide Identical Screening Search (WISS Plus) is the easy, cost-effective way to screen your trademark in more than 200 countries and registers worldwide.

  • Find identical marks across trademark records published for the first time since 1976
  • Screen your mark across 200+ of the world’s most commercially important jurisdictions
  • Make informed decisions with current status information

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