Thriving on change: Trademark and domain strategies for today’s realities

Senior Manager, Trademarks and Domains
Verizon Media
Assistant General Counsel
Fortune Media (USA) Corporation
Program Manager, Domains and Web Standards
InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®)
Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Organizations are facing increasing challenges when registering and protecting trademarks and domain names, while competing on a global scale, adapting to new opportunities and responding quickly to threats — and doing so with limited budgets and resources.

To thrive, they must remain strategic and alert, making full use of all the tools and technologies available to sharpen their competitive edge, stay agile and boost their market position.

In this webinar, Brian King, Head of Policy and Advocacy and Robert Reading, Director, Government & Content Strategy at Clarivate, lead a panel of industry experts as they discuss the key trends revealed in the latest MarkMonitor Global Business Survey and CompuMark 2021 Trademark Ecosystem Report.

Guided by our hosts, the panelists explore how these trends impact domain and trademark practitioners and the strategies they can employ to meet today’s challenges.

We cover the following topics:

  • Why IP-related business opportunities are missed when the C-suite is not engaged and how developing the right level of engagement across departments may lead to better outcomes.
  • How the pervasiveness of trademark infringement and cyber attacks is shaping domain registration and trademark protection strategies.
  • How advances in technology can help aid IP professionals through improved operational efficiency and domain security.
  • How rising volumes of trademark and domain registrations influence best practices for IP portfolio management.