See the broader picture with global IP case data

Clarivate Analytics has acquired Darts-ip, the world’s leading provider of global IP case data. With a single, seamless workflow you can now access trusted CompuMark trademark content together with administrative and judicial cases and litigation insights.

Get global insight
Access more than 3.3 million trademark cases from over 140 countries and over 3,500 courts, plus domain and copyright cases.

Make decisions with greater context
Make more informed decisions with a comprehensive view of trademark records, administrative and judicial cases, and common and civil law data.

Optimize your legal strategy
Monitor and analyze prosecution and litigation activity, enforcement behavior and notoriety of trademarks and owners of interest.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs
Save time and effort by researching trademark records and relevant cases in a single workflow in the Analysis Tool on SERION®.

This is just the beginning; experience the integration for yourself.