Double-edged strategy: A holistic approach to managing trademark and domain portfolios

Brian King
Director of Internet Policy & Industry Affairs
Andres Lorca
Manager, Trademarks and Domains
Verizon Media
Elizabeth Brock
Harness, Dickey and Pierce, P.L.C.

Trademarks and domains are both key components of a brand strategy. But while the management of both are similarly aligned with the brand lifecycle, processes to secure and protect domains and trademarks vary greatly.

During this webinar, two IP professionals – Andres Lorca, Manager, Trademarks and Domains at Verizon Media and Elizabeth Brock, Principal with intellectual property law firm Harness Dickey, share practical insights for maximizing the value of trademarks and domains while minimizing risk, from both a law firm and in-house perspective.

Topics covered:
• Understanding the synergies and practical overlap between trademarks and domain names
• Determining which jurisdiction to register domain names and trademarks in to manage risk
• Coordinating trademark application and domain registration timelines to prevent squatting
• Assessing the value of new gTLDs including .brand TLDs
• Strategies for effective enforcement of trademarks and domain names