Cowboys, combat and candy: Cloud gaming through the lens of IP

The video game industry recently became the most revenue generating industry in the entertainment world, overtaking books, music and box office films. For some, this will come as a shock because gaming, particularly video gaming, has had a reputation for cultural inferiority when compared with art, movies, and books. Yet the attention to detail, the quality of story writing and the investment in production values for a modern blockbuster game are easily comparable to those of a similar title in the movie industry.

Just like in any other multi-billion-dollar industry, innovation is a massive part of gaming. From inventions and new technology to design elements and product characteristics, it is vital for anyone with a stake in the gaming industry to have a clear intellectual property strategy mapped out. Protecting IP is more important now than it ever was. Titles and franchises have intertwined across media, created commercial behemoths and cultural icons, and are therefore prone to infringement of many kinds.

Our experts have created an exclusive report gathering insightful commentary on the dynamics of a developing industry and the companies behind the disruption.