Get Full Search Results up to 3 Days Sooner

Select European Full Search results for customers ordering from European area countries * will be delivered in just two business days, at no additional cost. That’s up to three days faster than our current standard delivery time.

We understand you are under pressure to step up the pace when clearing new brands. Reducing our turnaround time for Full Search results helps accelerate the trademark registration process—so you can get to market faster.

Standard two-day delivery is now available for the following searches (word marks only):

  • Availability Search
  • Identical Search
  • Company Name Search
  • Domain Name Search
  • Pharma Availability Search
  • Web Search
  • Web Common Law Search

CompuMark has the industry’s largest and most experienced team of trademark analysts – with 17+ years’ average experience. With our new two-day turnaround, you still receive the most reliable results based on quality data and industry-leading search expertise. You just get them faster!

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* Exceptions apply, contact Customer Service for more details