COVID-19 impacts to Patent and Trademark Offices

As COVID-19 continues to impact different regions of the world, trademark and patent offices are also being affected. Many offices have adjusted their regular operations in a variety of ways, including suspensions or delays in services.

However, not all trademark and patent offices are affected. Some offices continue to operate under regular schedules.

We are actively engaging with many of these offices on a regular basis, and monitoring other news sources, to collect information as to what adjustments the offices are making.

The following list includes the information we have collected on IP offices that have adjusted their regular operations in some way. We will update this list as new information becomes available.

Due to the frequency of changes, we are not adjusting opposition timeframes listed in CompuMark’s products and services. We will maintain all such timeframes based on regular standards regardless of any trademark office delays.

Please note: this information should not be considered an authoritative source. We will work to update this information on a regular basis. Should you have any questions about one of the mentioned offices you may want to contact that office directly or your local council for more information.

If you have any questions regarding office impacts to your CompuMark services, contact us today.

Office Date Status Comment
Bolivia 31 Jul Delays Senapi is accepting trademark applications, but they have not started processing them. Since all the terms are suspended, delays are still to be expected regarding the publication of a trademark information.
Ghana 18 May Delays The registry in Ghana has recently reopened with a skeleton staff, delays are to be expected.
Madagascar 18 May Delays The Registry is partially operational, impacting the levels of service. No Journal releases expected in the near future.
Sierra Leone 7 Sept Delays The Registry is operational, but we have been advised that additional ‘lockdowns’ of a small number of days can be enacted and delays are possible.
Sudan 2 Apr Suspended Sudan Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) has resumed operations, but no new gazette with trademark applications has been published. Delays are to be expected.