Your Comprehensive Guide to Journal Citation Reports Is Now Available

Do you wonder how the team of experts at Clarivate Analytics selects journals for inclusion in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR)? Or what constitutes a “citable item” for the denominator of the Journal Impact Factor (JIF) calculation – or what citations are counted for the numerator of the same calculation? This information has been shared in various posts and presentations over the years of the JCR’s existence, but now, we have compiled everything into one place.

We are offering a downloadable guide to what goes into making JCR and how we calculate JIF. This guide talks about criteria for eligibility for JCR and how we curate the journal data, what goes into the numerator and denominator of the JIF calculation, and how and why we decide to suppress titles from a JCR release.

Useful links:

A quick refresher on Journal Citation Reports use cases, branding, and terms of use