World IP Day: the future of IP starts now

In this post, Clarivate IP analysts reflect on transformations in the IP information space and looks ahead to the future of IP.     


Happy World IP Day. This is the day our industry celebrates the role intellectual property rights play in driving innovation and business value. This year, we mark the day against the backdrop of historic disruption to societies, governments and markets worldwide. Businesses have had to recalibrate and, in some cases, re-imagine how they operate to survive and thrive in a global marketplace changing right under their feet—even as budget constraints grow ever tighter.


The pivotal role of IP

In this environment, focusing on the right ideas and innovations and bringing them to market faster and more efficiently is more critical than ever. We can expect that trend to continue in a post-pandemic world. That means IP will play an increasingly pivotal role to business strategies in the years ahead.

Clarivate is helping our corporate and law firm customers compete effectively in this evolving landscape by unlocking the full value of their IP. To achieve this, we are focused on three pillars: IP intelligence, IP lifecycle management and IP services. We’ll be discussing each of these in turn in our blog series. But let’s start with IP intelligence.


A new delivery model

The IP and R&D professionals we serve work at the heart of the information economy. They rely on data—and, more importantly, intelligence—to make decisions that drive and protect business value. To meet the growing demands placed on them, our customers need easy access to a broad range of IP data and intelligence so they can make informed decisions with greater speed and confidence.

At Clarivate, we believe this demands a new model of IP data delivery. This new model will allow professionals to access and combine information from diverse IP asset classes—trademarks, patents, domains, IP case data, competitive insights and more—in flexible ways to meet the needs of the moment. Think “IP intelligence-as-a-service.”

This new model will enable individualized experiences with the potential to transform productivity and value creation.


Limitless potential

The possibilities for competitive advantage are exciting. Branding and legal professionals can collaborate in ways never before possible, accelerating brand launches while reducing risk. Researchers can make new connections between patent data and competitive activity, leading to novel products. Business strategists can analyze IP data to more quickly and accurately assess partnership opportunities. The potential applications for and benefits of advanced IP intelligence are limitless.

Realizing this new model requires significant investments in artificial intelligence and analytics technologies, as well as deep data resources and the expertise to understand the needs and workflows of IP professionals. Clarivate is unique in bringing together all of these ingredients, together with the resolve to make IP intelligence-as-a-service a reality for our customers.


An inspiring future

World IP Day provides the perfect opportunity to look forward to the future. I strongly believe this vision of IP intelligence is the future for our industry. The IP information space has come a long way in recent years, despite the challenges of constant change and, most recently, a global pandemic. By embracing innovation and unleashing the full value of IP, we can look forward to exciting progress by the time the next World IP Day rolls around.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts when we will discuss our commitment to advancing IP lifecycle management and IP services.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership.


To learn more, please see our recent report on the critical role IP plays in enabling organizations to stay a step ahead of disruption—and how Clarivate is realigning its data, technology and expertise to meet the needs of a rapidly changing business landscape.

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