World IP Day: Celebrating success

Rob Davey, VP Strategy, Intellectual Property Group, Clarivate, discusses the evolution of IP and what it is like to work for a leading IP company like Clarivate this World Intellectual Property Day


Rob Davey leads IP strategy at Clarivate, heading up a team of experts and thought leaders from across the organization’s IP brands. Rob is tasked with looking into the long-term future of IP and creating strategies to meet the needs of IP professionals worldwide. As we celebrate World IP Day across the globe on April 26, Rob takes time to reflect on how the landscape has changed in the past 10 years, celebrate the company’s status as a trusted provider of IP solutions and reveals exactly why he loves working for the organization.


The evolution of IP

The IP landscape has come a long way in the past 10 years. It has expanded and become a great deal more globalized. Alongside this, most of the business community now fully understands the true value of intellectual property. Once primarily viewed as a cost line within the legal department and a means of protection, IP has since rocketed in strategic importance as a business driver and, rightly so, earned its place in the boardroom.

A large part of this shift has been driven by the growth of data. Organizations are demanding more insights from their IP data. Plus, with the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance data mining, a whole new world of insight has become possible when combined with curated and error-corrected IP content.

For us, this shift in perception and understanding of IP has sharpened our customers’ appetite for more insight from the information we have long held. In response we have continued to invest resources into our IP portfolio, both through acquisitions and product development. As a result, customers now experience a new level of flexibility in using our data and can extract much greater value from it.


A long-trusted provider

As the IP landscape has evolved, so too has our business. Clarivate is already well-established as a trusted provider in the IP sector across patents, trademarks and domain names but we continue to make investments in data and technology through acquisition to ensure we lead the way in supporting IP professionals. Over the last two years alone, we have taken steps to expand our solutions and simplify our operations in order to better serve our customers and enable them to focus more time on creating value for their clients.

We have successfully completed and integrated three acquisitions within the broader IP industry: Darts-ip, the leading provider of international case law data for intellectual property professionals; SequenceBase, a leader in providing patent sequence information and search technology to the biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical industries; and TrademarkVision, an AI technology company that helps protect the world’s brands through image recognition and machine learning.

These acquisitions, combined with our other IP brands, MarkMonitor, CompuMark, and Derwent, have cemented our position as a leading global provider of solutions to help organizations create, protect, monitor, enforce and monetize intellectual property.


Working at Clarivate

It’s not just the growth, breadth and evolution of the IP solutions within Clarivate that makes us stand out, but the people too. Throughout my time at Clarivate, I have had the opportunity to work with leading experts in their fields and to me, this is what makes working at Clarivate really special. By collaborating with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, you get to learn so much more – something which I’ve only ever experienced here.

I’m also incredibly impressed with the amount of sustainability work we are doing as part of our vision to improve the way the world creates, protects and advances innovation. With this year’s World IP Day focusing on creating a green future, we have a particularly interesting story to tell. Clarivate colleagues have been undertaking groundbreaking research on the bioplastics innovation landscape, including the factors influencing their development and acceptance and how the public, government and businesses can work together to create a sustainable plastics future. By leveraging data from MarkMonitor, Derwent and CompuMark, the team have developed a comprehensive understanding of the innovators and trends in the sector. The full paper can be found here.


Looking forward

IP filing activity continues to grow at a rapid pace and I can safely say there has never been a more important and exciting time to be working in IP. As organizations continue to better align their IP strategies with business strategies, we expect to see more and more businesses using IP data to not only protect but fuel innovation.

At Clarivate, our IP team operates at the heart of the innovation lifecycle. We deliver critical information and insights to organizations to help bring life-changing and environment-saving innovations, like bioplastics, to market, faster. If that’s not something to celebrate and shout about this World IP day then I don’t know what is.


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