Welcome to the New ScholarOne Manuscripts Support

ScholarOne is proud to have a world-class support team and a trove of excellent resources to help our users navigate and master the product. As such, we are proud to have a website hosting those resources that reflects the high quality of service we offer.

We are delighted to introduce our users to the new ScholarOne Manuscripts Support site, which features a modernized, responsive design, simplified navigation, and additional resources.

Here’s what you’ll find:


Support Home

From the new Support landing page, users may navigate based on their needs (i.e. to FAQs, training, or release notes) or on their role (i.e. author, editor, admin). The home page also contains helpful resources like featured videos, contact information for the Product Support team, and the ability to sign up for our product and marketing newsletters.

Go here for:

  • Access to role-specific resource pages
  • Sign-up forms for Publisher Post and Product Alerts emails
  • Links to our Video Library
  • Navigating to all Support offerings


FAQs & Help

Browse and search our FAQs to troubleshoot common queries, reach out to our industry-leading end-user support team, or access our complete user guides for in-depth product information. This page also contains feature guides and developer documentation. (Coming soon: full-text searchable user guides!)

Go here for:

  • FAQs (search, browse by topic, or browse by role)
  • User Guides, Feature Guides, Web Services Guides
  • Local Language Support information



In conjunction with the launch of the new ScholarOne Manuscripts Support, we are thrilled to debut a new Learning Management System, where users wanting more training can access a range of on-demand materials, from videos and user guides to online courses. You can enroll in role-specific learning paths to be automatically assigned to all content relevant to your needs. Our first full-length course on Email Templates is live now and can be completed at any time – try it out and let us know what you think!

Go here for:

  • Full-length courses
  • Registration for live training sessions
  • A central repository for training materials (user guides, videos, and more)


Release Notes

Read and search our release notes to learn more about recent product updates, configuration details, and tips on mastering our tools. You can find a backlog of release notes in a variety of languages and read highlights from the most recent release.

Find the most recent releases at the top, with links to full-text web-pages where you can click through the items in the release via right-hand tabs. For the release archive, scroll further down the main Release Notes page for expandable sections for each release. Click to find a list of highlights as well as download links.

Go here for:

  • Highlights from the most recent release
  • Full-text versions of recent release notes
  • PDF downloads of release notes
  • Translated release notes



Our new Support blog provides a space for current customers to learn more about recent releases, new features, and integration partners, as well as get tips & tricks and hear directly from your ScholarOne team. Have an idea for a blog topic? Reach out to s1updates@clarivate.com with suggestions! We look forward to connecting with you here.


What’s next?

We plan to continue building out the site with new pages, content, and resources. Here’s some things you can expect in the coming months:

  • Search: We’ll be adding search functionality to search the entire site, specific pages (like release notes), or PDFs (like user guides).
  • Full-text User Guides: Easily searchable for quick reference without a download
  • In-Product Linking: Links in the ScholarOne Platform will direct users to the relevant section of the user guide for help where you need it and when you need it.
  • More courses! Our LMS Training Portal is in its very early stages, and we will be constantly adding new content, including entirely self-service courses, so check back often.
  • Blog posts: Hear directly from your ScholarOne team for more information on new product features, programs, and partners, as well as insight into our team’s priorities and process.


The new ScholarOne Manuscripts Support site is part of an ongoing effort to improve all our customer touchpoints and communications. As you browse the site, we invite you to share your feedback as well as other areas for improvement.



Your ScholarOne Product Support Team


Can’t find something? Links to the previous site should redirect you to the current location of your content, but if you can’t find something, please email s1updates@clarivate.com.