Webcast: The Top 100 Most Innovative European Universities

Improving performance in research, reputation and other rankings is an important goal for any university, especially with the ever-increasing competition for top talent, grant awards and corporate collaboration.

On May 3rd, Reuters will publish the 2nd annual Top 100 Most Innovative European Universities. Based on Clarivate Analytics proprietary data and using a mix of scientific literature and patent indicators, this listing identifies and ranks the most innovative universities in Europe.

Virtually join us in Amsterdam for a live webcast on May 3rd as our panel discusses the development of practices for fostering innovation in Europe. Hear what is working at their institutions and learn how to apply in practice at yours.


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Webcast details:
When: May 3rd at 10:30AM CEST


Our panel features:

Alexander von Gabai

Alexander von Gabain, Vice Chancellor Innovation, Commercial Outreach, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm





jacon degn flindt

Jacob Degn Flindt, CEO and Founder, Medarkive, Oxford, UK





Malcolm Wilkinson,

Malcolm Wilkinson, CEO and Founder, Kirkstall Ltd, Sheffield, UK





laura pontiggia,

Laura Pontiggia, Policy Advisor at European Research Council




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