Unlocking the full potential of IP

More than ever before, innovation is the key to driving business growth and competitive advantage. Intellectual property (IP) sits at the heart of this strategy, yet we see many companies not realizing the full potential of their IP. Its rapid growth is creating tremendous complexity – with more data and IP assets to manage than ever before, process friction and decision-making have become major challenges for IP professionals.

Looking across the industry spectrum, we see companies struggling with the same challenges: they need to identify innovation opportunities and bring products to market faster, protect their valuable IP assets in the face of growing threats and use data effectively to make better decisions. Oh, and they need to do all of this faster and more efficiently, reducing their cost of operating to remain competitive.


The need for new approaches

Seeing our customers faced with these challenges, we recognized the need for new approaches that enable them to unlock the full value potential of their IP. By removing friction in key business processes and empowering them to make better decisions, we can help our customers to:

  • Innovate faster—discover and capitalize on innovation opportunities before their competitors do.
  • Protect and manage IP—secure, maintain and protect their IP assets more effectively and more efficiently.
  • Reduce total cost of operating—optimize processes to minimize administrative burdens, reduce the number of providers and better manage IP-related costs.


A unique combination of strengths

Clarivate is now uniquely positioned to help our customers achieve these objectives, unlocking the full potential of their IP across the entire innovation lifecycle.

With the recent additions of CPA Global, Darts-ip™, Hanlim IPS, IncoPat, and TrademarkVision—together with our world-class IP intelligence for patents (Derwent™), trademarks (CompuMark™) and domains (MarkMonitor™)—we have brought together under one roof a range of capabilities and high-value data sets that is unique in the marketplace. This enables us to invest in cutting-edge solutions that reduce friction, help IP professionals make better decisions and connect the IP ecosystem in ways that dramatically increase efficiency and help reduce total cost of operating.


New solutions coming this year

You will begin to see the result of this strategy in a host of new solutions in 2021 aimed at three key areas:

  • Unleashing data and insights through curated and linked data, using AI to enable faster, easier decision-making
  • Connecting the ecosystem with solutions that improve collaboration across the IP value chain
  • Removing friction from managing IP with solutions that streamline workflows and reduce complexity across the IP lifecycle

Watch out for these exciting, new capabilities we’ll be launching in the months ahead.


We’re just getting started

These are just the initial steps in our journey to help Clarivate customers unlock the potential of their IP. Ultimately, our strategy is focused on unifying data, tools and services across IP classes throughout the entire IP lifecycle, with advisory services to help our customers navigate today’s complex IP and innovation landscape. The result will be a next-generation model that fully leverages the combination of Clarivate industry-leading IP assets and expertise.

The fundamental elements of that new model are now in place, but this is just the beginning. We hope you’ll join us on this journey as we work with our customers to unleash the power of IP, driving the next wave of innovation and economic growth.

To learn more, we encourage you to speak to your account manager or contact us here.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership.